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I just wanted to put in writting my appreciation for everything your company has done for me recently. The replacement for my 664 mixer arrived today and is working perfectly. Please pass on my thanks to Matt for his patience, expert help and the guidance he has provided despite me phoning, in a panic, from various locations around the world.  Thanks to you all for going beyond the call of duty, the level of service has been absolutely fantastic! 

Simon Forrester

Freelance Sound Recordist


COSI-S-19 Suspension


COSI Small Suspension for 19" Diameter Microphones MKH 8050, 4018C

390.00 ex vat 468.00 inc vat


Estimated delivery 4 - 5 Days

CInela COSI-S-19 Suspension

The Cinela Cosi Modular Windshield is a new lightweight fur windshield designed for use in light to moderate wind speeds. For strong winds, it is recommended using a full basket windshield solution, such as the Piano & Pianissimo.



  • Three cage lengths: L (21cm), M (18cm) and S (15cm)
  • Four microphone holders: for diameters: 19, 20, 21 & 22mm
  • Two cable lengths: Long with two cable pins (for cages L & M) and Short with single pin (for cage S)


Microphone compatibility:

  • MiniCMIT, Long cage, 21mm mike diameter, Long cable
  • Schoeps CMC, Long cage, 20mm mike diameter, Long cable
  • DPA4017C, Long cage, 19mm mike diameter, Long cable
  • Sanken CS-M1, Medium cage, 19mm mike diameter, Long cable
  • MKH8000, DPA4018C, Short cage, 19mm mike diameter, Short cable


Rumble Filtering:

  • As any other suspension/windshield, COSI needs the use of a good rumble filter (Very low end handling noise). Typically 50/70 Hz with a +18dB/oct slope (3rd order filter).
  • Many mixers/recorders only offers +12dB/oct filters (2nd order). Then it may be a little compromise.
  • Avoid microphones with +6dB/oct filters (1st order).
  • Many microphones are very rich in the Low End (MKH8000 or DPA with C preamp). These ones need a high slope filter.
  • Schoeps MiniCMIT offers a very convenient in-built +24dB/oct filter (4th order) !
  • Definitely the best against handling rumbles ! Absolutely no need for any other filter ! Best choice for “uncertain” inputs (cameras, DSLR).


Suitable for: 

  • Sennheiser MKH 8050
  • DPA 4018C



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