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I just wanted to put in writting my appreciation for everything your company has done for me recently. The replacement for my 664 mixer arrived today and is working perfectly. Please pass on my thanks to Matt for his patience, expert help and the guidance he has provided despite me phoning, in a panic, from various locations around the world.  Thanks to you all for going beyond the call of duty, the level of service has been absolutely fantastic! 

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Kino Flo

Kino Flo Barfly 200 Two Lamp Kit


Ex Demo - Barfly 200 KIT-B22-G230 (2-Units)

500.00 ex vat 600.00 inc vat


1 In stock

Barfly 200 2 Lamp Kit

This item is an ex display model and is in excellent condition!  Only one available.....

Kino Flo packs a lot of soft light into its blade-thin BarFly 200. The brighter, smaller, lighter BarFly delivers more lumens per square inch than any other full-spectrum fluorescent source on the market. The BarFly is a compact and controllable lighting source that can squeeze into tight spots for difficult shots on location or in the studio.

The Fixture houses the lamps and is comprised of a sturdy alloyed fixture, Gel Frame, removable 90° Honeycomb Louver with built-in Reflector and built-in head extension. The BarFly 200 is only 2" deep and 9 1/2" wide, and 16" long. At six feet the Lamp puts out about the same amount of light as a 500W softlight, and draws only two Amps of power.

All the features would be useless if Kino Flo had not developed its own ballast that could run the fixture head remotely. Unlike conventional architectural ballasts that need to operate three feet to six feet from the fixture head, Kino Flo ballasts can operate the fixture heads from up to 75 feet (3 x 25ft) extension cables.

The Ballast is a high output, high frequency electronic ballast that can operate lamps up to 75 feet between ballast and fixture. The ballast sends a high output current to the lamps to drive the light as brightly as possible. Its high frequency electronics prevent any type of flicker as well. A special heat-sink design and custom electronic engineering ensure stable operation without magnetic hum or cooling fans to interfere with the sound recording on set.

There is no delay when switching lamps. The ballast operates the lights on/off instantly. There is also a special Select switch to raise or drop the wattage in the tubes for light output and color control. Keeping the ballast remote from the fixture and lamps makes the controls more accessible to lighting crews who might need to rig the fixtures into set designs or high up in a lighting grid, but switch them easily from a convenient location on the stage floor.

The Kino Flo BarFly 200 ballast accomplishes all this and still out performs tungsten lighting instruments when it comes to energy efficiency. In other words, the BarFly ballast uses less power to produce the same amount of soft light as incandescents. The ballast works reliably under most normal conditions, but it’s also trustworthy in more harsh conditions, such as extreme cold. The BarFly ballast series
is designed to operate at temperatures from 14F to 122F (-10C to +50C).

In extremely cold temperatures, the ballast may not strike the lamps initially because the lamps may need to warm up. Switch the ballast to Off, wait seven seconds and try again. If the ballast does not strike after two or three attempts, turn off the ballast, check that the extension and harness connections are secure and re-strike. Once operating for a few minutes, the lamps should re-strike instantly.


2x BarFly 200 Fixture
2x BarFly 200 Ballast
2x Mount
2x BarFly Louver 90°
2x BarFly Louver 60°
2x BarFly Louver / Gel Bag
1x Lamp Case
1x Ship Case


31 x 19.5 x 10.5"
(77.5 x 49 x 26.5cm)

43 lb (19.4kg)

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